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Hand painted gas fired porcelain. 16"Hx 6"Wx 6"L


This vase is inspired by a Chinese ink painting from the 13th century during the Song Dynasty. It is titled, Dragon and Tiger Embracing, formerly attributed to painter Chen Rong. In Daoist thinking, the dragon is associated with fire, and the tiger is associated with water. The Dragon embodies the primordial masculine element of yang, while the tiger embodies the feminine element, yin. Although it appears the creatures are in ferocious combat, they are actually complements to each other by nature.


I reflected upon the nature of family relationships, no matter the background. Every generation feels a desire to rise above the struggles and conflicts of the generation previous. Over time, our communication skills devolve as we struggle to both impart wisdom and receive wisdom from our family members. Beneath the frustrations and battles of the household, lays the foundation of love and perseverance that built the house. It is dangerous to blur the lines between aggression and care when loving intentions are paired with combative actions. We may fight each other out of love, but it is not without consequence. Despite the teeth and claws sinking into one another, the painting was titled Dragon and Tiger Embracing. It is in struggle when love becomes the most complex.

The Embrace

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