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As I was browsing the incredible online archive of the The Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden Museum, I came across this fabulous Butter Dish with blue underglaze. It features cobalt painting and was made between 1725-1730.

The cut out lugs of this lidded jar, with corresponding cut outs to fit the lid, inspired me to make my own version as a closed form. It was most likely that they did not used a closed form method as that is too meticulous to do for production work, but it is my specialty and I knew I could make this jar my own by employing my own techniques.

I love the foliage painting of the original butter dish and added my own designs along with gold luster accents.

Historical objects still hold their magic, and it is an exciting part of my process to recreate porcelain techniques that were so groundbreaking at the time, and still are today.

Blue and White Basket

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